Newsletter | April 3, 2018

04.03.18 -- Information Transformation: Creating Process-Ready, Digital Output

  Digital Mail — A Revolution Interrupted

The "digital mailroom revolution" has been just around the corner for many years. But technology on its own does not drive change without providing a demonstrable benefit to the end user. Even so, the risks can be too significant for adoption to reach a tipping point. The digital mailroom, trumpeted for years by many industry leaders, is a perfect example. But are the barriers of the past simply challenges that may yet be overcome? Learn more.

Featured Articles
Why Aren't Organizations Paying More Attention To Governance?
Guest Column | By John Mancini, AIIM

The amount of data and the many ways it can be cross-referenced and analyzed is a major asset to any organization. It also carries major data security issues. Despite warnings, enterprises and public sector organizations are ignoring information governance at their peril.

How Government Agencies Are Streamlining Digital Transformation
Article | By A2iA Corporation

Throughout all industries, self-service automation has become key to driving next-generation workflows and to saving money. The same holds true for government agencies, which, in the early stages of modernizing business processes, tended to look only at reducing costs. As their strategy and implementation developed, the digital transformation process included a move towards improving user engagement and experiences.

Information Transformation: Creating Process-Ready, Digital Output
Article | By Bill Kristich, OPEX Corporation

A versatile document capture platform should provide the tools to capture as much information as possible from the images and records. It should also provide tools to organize this information in multiple ways, so that it's as usable as possible in downstream processes. These tools are only useful in the long run if they are really helping you maximize the power of paper being captured.

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