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Increase Equipment Uptime Through Robust Enterprise Asset Management

Increase Equipment Uptime Through Robust Enterprise Asset Management

With economic and market pressures from both domestic and international competition, manufacturers need to maximize their asset performance and control their maintenance and operations costs. Even if your company is not operating at full capacity, your equipment needs to be available to meet customer demand with high quality products and on time delivery. Whether you operate in the Food & Beverage, Chemicals or other industrial sectors, ensuring the availability and maximizing the capacity of your assets is critical to success. Many assets are also part of more complex and larger networks of equipment, and appropriate maintenance may rely on efficiently managing shutdown projects and/or remotely identifying asset health and condition. The manufacturing industry must also operate and maintain their assets to the highest standards to ensure Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance, and their asset management programs are critical in supporting those key efforts and initiatives.

A robust Asset Management system will help organizations in all sectors of the manufacturing industry with specific needs while maximizing asset performance. You should implement a Computerized Maintenance Management System / Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS / EAM) solution that will help you:

  • Maximize asset performance through analytics and dashboards that quickly show Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including the health of your assets, maintenance costs, equipment availability and performance, with drilldown capability to spot areas of concern and quickly assess proper corrective actions
  • Manage maintenance costs through effective work planning and scheduling, easy review and approvals of work orders, projects, integrated spare parts inventory management and streamlined online vendor catalog requisitioning and purchasing that leverages your organization’s negotiated pricing
  • Improve operations by analyzing equipment breakdown information, tracking Preventive Maintenance (PM) program compliance, facilitating planned maintenance and improving communications between maintenance and production personnel
  • Ensure regulatory and EH&S compliance through comprehensive event tracking and manage follow-up activities from events, such as safety audits, accidents, emissions and spills
  • Pre-plan work for shutdown activities, conduct “what if” scheduling scenarios and handle shutdown material requirements, including long lead time items with integrated purchase order tracking software
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