Newsletter | July 24, 2018

07.24.18 -- Improving Profitability With Intelligent Channels

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Improving Profitability With Intelligent Channels
Article | By A2iA Corporation

As financial institutions become more digital and adopt customer-centric business models, updating legacy systems and innovating channels remains a primary focus. Creating a seamless omni-channel environment for customers also means tackling evolving organizational infrastructure and being able to address incoming images regardless of their input method: branch, ATM, scanner, or mobile device.

Intelligent Scanning: The Key To Improving Operational Performance And Reducing Costs
White Paper | By Derrick Murphy, ibml

Traditionally, exceptions handling has been dealt with as a post-scanning problem. Images are pushed downstream from the scanner as quickly as possible and poor-quality images or incorrect data must be corrected by a knowledge worker and/or an expensive data capture or enterprise content management system. But this process likely means a more expensive person will lose productivity trying to fix it.

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