ibml SoftTrac ScanDS

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IBML Scanner Products from KeyMark

ibml’s SoftTrac® ScanDS is a scanning solution that enables organizations to centralize information management, leverage a common interface across their scanners, and take advantage of optional in-line OCR, barcode recognition and document classification capabilities previously only available on ibml’s ImageTrac® scanners.

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SoftTrac ScanDS is designed to work with ibml scanners as well as other 3rd party scanners that support ISIS and TWAIN drivers, while co-existing with any capture or downstream solution in either a distributed or centralized scanning environment.

Complementing ECM platforms and traditional scanning solutions, SoftTrac ScanDS delivers efficiencies and process improvements, helps ensure regulatory compliance and document tracking and control, and allows organizations to more easily standardize their scanning operations and the information that they provide.

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