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SoftTrac® Analytics is an integral part of SoftTrac Capture Suite and is ideal for centrally managing document scanning operations across an enterprise.

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SoftTrac Analytics provides a holistic view of performance metrics across an organization’s document scanning operations. By centralizing operations reporting and analysis with SoftTrac Analytics, organizations can gain a much better understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of their document scanning infrastructure and can more easily develop, manage and distribute operations reports.

Holistic Data View
For organizations in any vertical market, operations reporting and analysis is a critical resource for managers. But, to extract this information from multiple document scanning solutions and then turn it into actionable business intelligence at the time it is needed is extremely difficult and puts an enormous strain on limited IT resources. Often, tremendous effort and cost is required to create even basic operational reports. For this reason, most organizations don’t have a holistic view of their document scanning operations, impeding decision-making and allowing inefficiencies to fester.

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