Newsletter | June 27, 2017

06.27.17 -- How To Make The Move To Automated Document Management

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How To Streamline RCM To Improve Efficiency, Financial Outcomes
By A2iA Corporation

Many healthcare organizations are advancing beyond the implementation of EHRs and are now faced with new challenges: how to improve the health information exchange and to enhance the overall financial performance of the care facility. It has become imperative that providers, payers, and patients have expedited accessibility to health information.

Ugly Documents Need Love, Too
By OPEX Corporation

Learn how one services provider delivers high-quality images of the most 'interesting' documents (for less).

How To Make The Move To Automated Document Management
By Sharon Varalli, Nuance Document Imaging

What differentiates great companies from also-rans is the ability to maximize productivity and superior customer service. Organizations can gain a significant competitive advantage by adopting automated document management.

A2iA Healthcare Data Management

A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is known across the globe as a leader for handwritten and machine-printed text recognition and document classification toolkits.

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