Article | June 17, 2016

How To Ensure The Success Of Your Digital Mailroom

Source: OPEX Corporation
Digital Mailroom

By Tim Osman via the OPEX Blog

Digital Mailroom. 

You’ve heard the term before. 

In fact, you’ve probably read hundreds of articles and watched hours of videos about various solutions available to achieve a “digital mailroom.” It feels like there are more digital mailroom solutions than ice cream flavors in a Baskin-Robbins!

From email and fax to digitally born documents, from interoffice envelopes to United States Postal mail and overnight deliveries, there is a constant barrage of information and multiple streams of data entering our organizations.  The real task is determining the best, most efficient and most cost-effective way to collect, digitize, organize and deliver this mail.

I’d like to focus for a minute on one area of the digital mailroom often overlooked and neglected when businesses consider a digital mailroom solution.