Newsletter | September 25, 2018

09.25.18 -- How Tech Is Helping Overcome County's Tight Budgets

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ECM System Speeds Search And Retrieval Of Vital Documents
Case Study | By Knowledge Lake

AMSURG's vast network of healthcare facilities and practitioners generates an immense amount of financial documentation, particularly at the end of each month. The methods that the company used in the past for backing up its accounting documents were outdated and inefficient.

Taking Social Services Digital
Case Study | By Kodak Alaris

A county department of social services — operating with a paper-based system for benefits applications and record keeping — found itself overwhelmed by document volumes and logistical issues. But a smooth transition from paper to digital improved access, sped up processes, eliminated lost documents, and saved money.

How Tech Is Helping Overcome Counties' Tight Budgets
Article | By OPEX Corporation

Counties deal with a lot of paper — tax forms, registrations, licenses, legal documents, voting documents, deeds, liens, and the list goes on. All of this paper handling and filing requires costly labor and storage space. What if there were a way to make that process faster and less expensive, while also helping other county employees do their work faster and improving responsiveness?

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