Newsletter | February 27, 2018

02.27.18 -- How Image-Enabled ATMs Improve Operational Margins

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RF-CUNY System Upgrade Reduces Bottlenecks, Improves Efficiencies
Case Study | By DocStar

The Research Foundation of The City University of New York (RF-CUNY) eliminates paper burden, reduces costs, improves collaboration, and increases efficiency in human resources, legal, payroll, and finance and procurement.

How Image-Enabled ATMs Improve Operational Margins
White Paper | By A2iA Corporation

Since the installation of the first automated teller machine (ATM) in the early 1970's, ATMs have become a staple in consumer banking technology. This technology has continued to evolve, and customers now rely on ATMs for convenience and ease in accessing their financial institution, completing transactions without the need of a bank teller at whatever hour of the day or night it is convenient for them.

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OPEX FalconV Universal Document Scanning Workstations

OPEX's innovative one-step scanning process continues with FalconV. With two additional sort bins and enhanced multi-feed detection, FalconV increases the functionality and flexibility of its universal document scanning workstations. FalconV combines the performance of a high-capacity production scanner with OPEX's unique prep-reducing process.

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