Newsletter | May 29, 2018

05.29.18 -- How Document Scanning Eases Compliance

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Top 5 Issues To Consider Before Customizing Technology
Guest Column | By Kristen McAlister, Cerius Executives

Customization used to be a bad word to many business owners. It was viewed as encumbering higher costs and dependent on complex IT infrastructure. However, with the availability of more outsourced technology resources and the increased drive for innovation and marketplace gains, customization is becoming a more common business practice.

How Document Scanning Eases Compliance
Article | OPEX Corporation

Document security is a huge concern in many industries, but especially in the healthcare sector where HIPAA requires health information be protected using physical, technical, and administrative safeguards. Automated sortation and document scanning can help improve compliance with HIPAA privacy guidelines as soon as these documents arrive in the mailroom or elsewhere in the facility.

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