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10.10.17 -- How A National Copier Dealer Transitioned To Digital Documents


"The Falcon's ability to handle mixed media in an incredibly efficient manner is what makes these machines as valuable to me as they have become. It literally scans whatever we throw at it!" Read the full story here and check out the OPEX Falcon at the ARMA Conference next week!

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Mobile Enrollment Solution Minimizes Risk, Mitigates Fraud
Case Study | By A2iA Corporation

For more than 15 years, A2iA has been working with one of the largest banking groups in France to process millions of their customers' checks. This long and successful partnership has since led to extending the alliance for the next phase of the bank's business – mobile enrollment or mBoarding (mobile on-boarding).

Postal Processing Solution Greatly Reduces Doc Prep
Cast Study | By OPEX Corporation

In the fast and demanding sector of business process outsourcing, award-winning Parseq is simply par excellence. Established 40 years ago, the company has evolved into a highly respected major player with offices in Yorkshire, London, and Glasgow. The Parseq portfolio crosses the business spectrum from high-value global brands to SMEs embracing front and back of office outsourced procedures, including customer acquisition, retention, and service; product fulfillment and delivery; client invoicing; and billing and collections.

How A National Copier Dealer Transitioned To Digital Documents
Guest Column | By Tim Wacker, NBN Communications

It is easy for Chris Scarff to say when the Ray Morgan Company transitioned from selling copiers to selling technology. Describing and executing that change is a little more complicated as the $37-billion industry born out of the photocopier has Ray Morgan Company focusing on its software as much as its sales pitch.

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A2iA DocumentReader: Advanced OCR, ICR, And IWR Technology

A2iA DocumentReader is a powerful document classification and key-field extraction toolkit that drives successful workflow automation for even the most complex of documents. Backed by more than 25 years of research and development, A2iA's key differentiator is its ability to provide tangible results by automatically classifying all types of data, including complex and cursive handwriting, and locating key fields for recognition.

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