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03.28.17 -- How A National Copier Dealer Transitioned To Digital Documents

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Scanning Solution Processes Over 30 Million Pages A Year
By ibml

Millions of prescription forms are dispensed in Wales every year. Primary Care Services (PCS), part of the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership, is the organization responsible for capturing data from every prescription form. PCS wanted to increase the intelligence and depth of data capture by reading 2D bar codes and considered a desktop solution before determining the increase in operator and maintenance overhead would be counterproductive. PCS decided instead to invest in high-volume scanning architecture.

Recognition Technology For Streamlined BPO And Service Bureau Operations
By A2iA Corporation

Extracting and classifying documents automatically allows BPOs to practice the most efficient data management to streamline their operations and generate revenue. Eliminating manual keying and sorting from day-to-day operations can cut enormous costs and allow service bureaus to produce a visible ROI while generating additional opportunities and projects across all vertical markets. When processes are streamlined and automated, customers are happy and business opportunities grow. Automation, regardless of the document — or writing — type, provides for best overall practices for BPOs wanting to gain a competitive edge.

How A National Copier Dealer Transitioned To Digital Documents
By Tim Wacker, NBN Communications

It is easy for Chris Scarff to say when the Ray Morgan Company transitioned from selling copiers to selling technology. Describing and executing that change is a little more complicated as the $37-billion industry born out of the photocopier has Ray Morgan Company focusing on its software as much as its sales pitch.

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OPEX Mail Matrix Intelligent Mixed Mail Sorter

Introducing Mail Matrix — a mixed mail sorting system that streamlines the process with speed and accuracy, and eliminates reliance on operator memory! Tight deadlines and too many variables are no longer a challenge.

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