High Performance SWIR Optimized Lens Option: SOLO 50

High Performance SWIR Optimized Lens Option: SOLO 50

Sensors Unlimited offers the SOLO 50 as a high performance focal length lens option for imaging applications in the 0.7 µm to 1.7 µm wavelength range. The lens features a rugged, environmentally sealed design with a manual locking focus able to maintain steady performance when needed.

The SOLO 50 has a fixed aperture at F/1.4 to ensure high throughput while delivering a sharp image with low distortion in the most demanding applications. Ideal applications for this SWIR optimized lens include low-light level imaging, 24 hour surveillance, imaging lasers, UAVs, driver vision enhancement, human recognition, and machine vision.

SOLO 50 features include:

  • Focal Length: 50mm ±2mm
  • Minimum Focal Distance: 500 mm
  • Maximum Focal Distance: Infinity
  • Mount: M42 x 1 metric thread
  • Field Coverage (minimum): 16.0 mm Horizontal, 12.8 mm Vertical
  • Field of View: 1 18.2 x 14.6 degrees
  • Weight: ~ 300g

Download the datasheet for more features, specifications, and applications on the SOLO 50 SWIR lens option.