Case Study

HATech Helps Companies Achieve Deployment Agility And Cost Savings Through Monitoring Automation


HATech ( ) specializes in transforming their customers’ operations, product, and development practices into one integrated, agile process that is focused on achieving the customers’ business goals.

With a full suite of professional services covering consultancy, architecture, implementation, and staff augmentation plus managed support services, HAtech brings BizDevOps best practices and tooling expertise to customers across the leading public and private cloud platforms. Their customers benefit from reducing software release cycles from months to minutes.

The Challenge

As they scaled, HATech faced a problem: how could they properly manage and support a rapidly expanding pool of customers — especially with customers who were releasing changes to their software every few hours? Without an automated monitoring platform, they could not see into their customers’ infrastructure, and they were blind to potential problems. HATech needed a way to receive immediate alerts about any issues, and they needed real-time, detailed data to support rapid troubleshooting — even as customers’ infrastucture evolved day by day.

The Search for Monitoring

HATech knew that they needed to partner with an excellent monitoring platform. Monitoring would be a key part of their offering, so they began a deep and thorough search. “We wanted a monitoring platform that was fast and reliable, and one where we wouldn’t have to manage the infrastructure,” said Jonathan Hathaway, HATech Founder and CEO. “We also wanted flexibility to create custom add-ons, agents, and plug-ins so we could easily adapt to our customers’ needs.” HATech also wanted an affordable platform that would have the lowest possible barrier of entry for its customers.

The first several solutions they found were insufficient for one reason or another. Some required too much
maintenance, especially for rapidly changing services. Some didn’t integrate well with HATech’s systems,
in-house tools, or customer tools. Some were unreliable. Some were too slow. Some were too expensive.
Some were all of the above.

The Solution

When HATech discovered Datadog, they knew they’d found their solution. It checked all the boxes: Datadog is hosted and requires no maintenance, it onboards new customers in minutes, and it was built to monitor evolving infrastructure. It integrates with 100+ commonly used technologies out of the box, and it can be customized to collect metrics from anything. Moreover, it is highly reliable and provides a snappy interface for interacting with real-time metrics at a good price.

HATech was happy to find that Datadog fit well with its existing tools and with its customers’ needs. Out of the box, Datadog integrates with HATech’s alerting tool, OpsGenie, and it works with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. It separates customer information, allowing HATech to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards, which are followed by many of their customers. “What clinched it for us was the speed and level of analytical detail you can get from the Datadog platform and dashboards,” Hathaway said. “It has the flexibility to fine-tune and build out your own dashboards quickly, as well as keep customer data separate in a multi-tenant fashion.”

With Datadog, HATech now has instant, actionable alerts when anything starts behaving strangley in any customer’s infrastructure. They can immediately dive into highly detailed, pre-built, customizable dashboards, and begin correlating what’s happening in one part of the infrastructure with what’s happening everywhere else.

Furthermore, the visibility Datadog provides allows HATech to help their customers make the most of their infrastructure and uncover areas for cost savings which can be used to reinvest into their products.

A Partnership that Hatech and Their Customers Appreciate

Just as important, Datadog makes it easy for HATech to show their customers the impact of their work. Because Datadog is so simple to set up and use, HATech adds Datadog right at the beginning of new engagements. That way customers can see what their infrastructure and performance looked like before and after working with HATech.

Since it’s easy to create monitoring dashboards that are tailored for different departments such as the Operations, Development, Automation, and even C-level teams, HATech is able to get buy-in from all parts of the organization. In many cases Datadog’s built-in dashboards are perfect — they provide the right amount of important and actionable information so that HATech customers have “the information they need without drowning in it.”

With Datadog, HATech believes it is genuinely following its mission: providing clients with the best and most appropriate solution to make the most of their computing environments. “Eighty percent of our customers had monitoring but didn’t use it, or didn’t use alerts. Many had no mechanisms to measure progress,” Hathaway said.

Thanks to Datadog, HATech customers gain the visibility they’ve long needed to monitor performance, change SaaS platforms, try out new applications, and consistently roll out their products without worry. According to Hathaway, “Datadog is a critical component of HATech’s BizDevOps pipeline toolset that provides us with the sort of instantaneous feedback we need to continually improve our responsiveness and value to our customers. It’s exactly that value that underpins our successful long-term customer relationships.”