HAMMER uses the Method of Characteristics (MOC) – the benchmark standard for hydraulic transient flow analysis. The MOC computes results at intermediate points along the pipeline, accurately capturing critical outcomes (such as mid-pipe negative pressures) that could otherwise be overlooked.

Superior Interoperability

Out of the box, HAMMER users can employ this product as a stand-alone application or work from within ArcGIS, MicroStation®, or AutoCAD. Regardless of the platform used, HAMMER maintains a single set of modeling files for true interoperability across platforms.

Model Building and Management Made Easier With HAMMER you can build your network from scratch using simple drag-and drop layout tools, or import your network data from EPANet.

Alternatively, engineers can leverage geospatial data, CAD drawings, databases, and spreadsheets to jumpstart the model-building process. The included LoadBuilder and TRex modules help engineers allocate water demands and node elevations based on geospatial data to avoid potential manual input mistakes and streamline the model-building process. HAMMER also provides drawing and connectivity review tools to guarantee a hydraulically coherent model.

View the entire HAMMER Connect datasheet to learn more.

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