GMP Formulation And Fill Systems

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Formulate and Fill Media with this GMP Automated Media Production Platform

Automated, closed cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Automation systems for formulation and filling

Achieve large scale, end-to-end cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

This formulate and fill platform is designed to accurately formulate and aliquot media or buffer solutions using flexible pre-defined recipes in a GMP environment. The platform gives confidence to your process utilizing sterile, closed single-use sets which allow for operation in class C or D cleanrooms.

Cell And Gene Therapy Formulation And Fill Platform Video

The integrated platform provides flexible media preparation for GMP operations:

  • Formulate and dispense mixed media inputs (100 ml ~ 100 L)
  • Formulate with up to 9 starting ingredients
  • Fill 1 L and 5 L bags with mixed media
  • Fill 100 x 1 L bags in 8 hours (incl. setup, tear down) w/ ± 5% vol. accuracy
  • Single operator, flexible recipes, integrated automation
  • Connected work flow, also capable of modular single unit operation
  • DCS-integrated operation, leveraging existing material control and eBR systems

Transition from process development to GMP manufacture
Invetech’s cell and gene therapy automation systems aid transition to integrated GMP manufacturing, from pre-clinical to large-scale manufacturing, without any substantive process changes. All elements are robust, GMP compliant, closed, cleanable and designed to speed process validation.