Galileo Smart Material Designer (SMD)

Galileo Smart Material Designer (SMD)

The Galileo Smart Material Designer (SMD) is an IDS tool optimized for modeling smart materials. Smart materials such as Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), hard/soft/balanced surfaces, Radar Adsorbing Material (RAM), Radar Adsorbing Structure (RAS), Polarization Selective Surfaces (PSS), and artificial magnetic conductors are widely used in many aerospace, antenna, and defense application fields, including FSS conformal radomes, RAM installed on the internal surface of aircraft engine inlet exhaust, convex dichroic lenses in antennas, hard/soft surfaces along internal walls of horns, and RAM installed on building walls.

Galileo SMD can provide an accurate design and performance analysis of the smart material. Parametric modeling and optimization procedures can be applied for design support. An innovative “evolutionary by-subtraction” algorithm is available to synthetize unconventional or non-regular geometries. Effective features in terms of assisted workflows, post-processing procedures, and projects management support both the researchers’ and designers’ work.

Galileo SMD is interfaced to each IDS Galileo Suite tool working at antenna/platform level, allowing the final verification of the smart materials performance in their operative environment.

Advantages and benefits of Galileo SMD:

  • Capability of quickly investigating very large design spaces (not only parametric models)
  • Guided procedures for designers
  • Not guided procedures for researchers
  • Reduced design time
  • Reduced design cost
  • Suitable for non-expert users

The tool has been validated during several projects in the RF/MW/mmW frequency range.

Download the brochure above for more information on the Galileo SMD.