News | July 27, 2021

G-Con Manufacturing Acquired By Swedish-Based Summa Equity Fund, Hopes To Grow Across Brazos Valley

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Founded in 2009, G-Con Manufacturing has been in College Station from the very beginning. Now with new overseas investment, G-Con is looking to take the business to the next level.

Swedish company Summa Equity Fund II has acquired a majority stake in College Station business, G-com Manufacturing.

G-Con Manufacturing is the leading U.S.-based provider of pod cleanrooms.

Cleanrooms are a controlled environment where pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, and aerosol particles are filtered out, to provide the cleanest area possible. The average price for one of these cleanrooms is 800,000 dollars.

Most cleanrooms are used for making electronic, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. Cleanrooms also can control variables like temperature, airflow and humidity.

G-Con produced over 30 cleanrooms for Pfizer as well as producing cleanrooms for Fujifilm Biosynth Biotechnologies during operation warp speed in the battle against COVID-19, which is something VP of business management Sid Backstrom is extremely proud of.

“A lot of times a person my age or even a little bit younger, a big thing was that their grandparents or parents fought in WW2 or the Vietnam war or something like that. I tell a lot of the guys, hey look' when you have grandkids or when you’re talking to your kids, you can tell them you are part of the solution that helped overcome the pandemic," Backstrom said. "Our pods are helping Pzier make more vaccines, and the more vaccines that get out there, the better it is for the world in conquering the pandemic.

Backstrom says G-Con will continue to grow in College Station, even with the added investment from summa.

G-Con has bought another 7 acres and is planning a 125,000 square foot facility and a 25,000 square foot office.

They are even under contract for another 7 acres for future expansion. With all this new expansion g-con will be looking to hire.

“Right now, I think we have 50 open positions. When we get the new building in place, the 125,000 square foot facility, we’ll probably be looking at another 150," Backstrom said. "Those are anywhere from entry-level all the way up to supervisory and management level as well.”

Source: G-CON Manufacturing