Food Product Safety

Food Product Safety

Making food and commercial products safe is our specialty. Offering customized pathogen and bacteria reduction technologies for spices, food ingredients, cosmetics, commercial products and packaging materials, we'll help you meet regulatory standards, while making your products safer for consumers. Gamma and Ethylene Oxide are proven solutions and technologies you can trust.

Spices, Dry Herbs, Dehydrated Vegetable Seasonings and Food Ingredients
Gamma irradiation provides an effective technology to reduce pathogens in many food ingredients. Ethylene oxide (EO) is the right choice for many spices and is an effective altenative for gamma sensitive products. Our team of experts will recommend and develop a customized solution tailored to the product and to regulatory requirements.

Cosmetics are often formulated from a blend of natural and chemical materials. Health and beauty aids (HBAs) must be irradiated to reduce bacteria and other microorganisms. We've successfully developed processes to ensure the safe distribution of a wide variety of HBAs, including:

  • Talc
  • Pigments
  • Raw materials
  • Cosmetic packaging and novelties
  • Components and applicators

Gamma irradiation is the preferred technology used on dietary, botanical, herb and nutraceutical products. Products that are treated at our world-wide facilities accept dietary products, as permitted by country, and subject to US FDA export requirements, unless for the purposes of animal nutrition or cosmetics.

Pet Treats, Pet Food, Lab Animal Feed and Agricultural Ingredients
We keep animals and their owners' safe by reducing bacteria and other harmful pathogens, including salmonella. We've developed specialized sterilization solutions for:

  • Animal nutrition ingredients
  • Dog pet chews
  • Feeds and bedding for laboratory animals
  • Lab