Finance And Accounting

Taylor Business Group

Using Proven Accounting Principles to Help Resolve Financial Challenges.

Finance and Accounting Consulting from the Taylor Business Group can help you gain more control over the financial aspects of your business. Through detailed analysis and assessment, we can help you plan and create a positive financial position. 

Have you been asking yourselves these questions?

  • Why can’t I get my financials completed in a timely manner each month?
  • Are my financial statements correct?
  • Does my Chart of Accounts really reflect my business today?
  • Can someone tell me exactly what my Income Statement and Balance Sheet are reporting?
  • Why are my Accounts Receivables not being collected?
  • Why are my expenses not aligned with my revenues?
  • Why don’t statements go out by the 20th of every month?
  • Who is managing my cash flow?
  • What should my financials look like versus what they are?
  • Do I really need to hire more administrative staff to run my back office?
  • How can I get better terms with my vendors?

The Taylor Business Group offers solutions to these questions. We have finance and accounting consultants on our team who can work with you to resolve these issues by first providing an assessment of your financials and accounting processes and then determine a course of action to resolve the problems being encountered.

In addition to the finance and accounting services mentioned above, our team of consultants can work with you to develop a Process and Procedures Manual and Employee Handbook. These two documents will help provide your staff with written explanations of your processes and procedures and the expectations of office performance along with company benefits.