Case Study

F&N Dairies Achieves Significant Savings In Production, Logistics And Inventory Costs With MES Software

F N Dairies

F&N Dairies was established in 1883 in Southeast Asia, and has become one of the F&B giants in the region, producing more than 24 million cases a year.


  • To enable the dairy to achieve quality track and traceability
  • To facilitate connectivity of plant operations with the plant's industrial automation devices, computers and laboratory measuring instruments.
  • To reduce the total cost of ownership of the overall solution by enabling easy upgrades of systems across the enterprise.


  • When quality parameter deviations were detected, the operators had to manually trace the information in the archived, paper-based operations sheets to determine the root cause, which took a tremendous about of time.


  • The plant achieved production goal of 2,500 cans a minute = 3 million cans a day = 24 million cases a year
  • It reduced quality traceability time from 4 hours to only 1 minute
  • The manufacturing facility achieved its return on investment within one year
  • The plant achieved "100% First-Time Quality," a lean metric that indicates what parts are manufactured correctly the first time without need for inspection, rework or replacement.