ERP Software for Prepared Packaged Foods

ERP Software for Prepared Packaged Foods

JustFood ERP software has been designed to help companies in the prepared packaged foods industry operate more efficiently, comply with global food safety standards and scale operations. JustFood prepared packaged foods customers are able to better manage inventory levels, process large, consistent batches and set up safety checks throughout the production process.

Condensed product life cycle management

Use ingredients with similar expiry dates to keep turn-around times tight, ensuring that finished products are shipped to customers with ample shelf life. Direct items with greater shelf life to storage for a later date.

Batch processing

Complete larger orders all at once as materials arrive and get ahead of expiry dates. Quickly switch between batches to keep up with new materials, make the most of your production time and complete orders on time.

Safety audits throughout processing

Establish safety audits throughout the production process based on your compliance and quality requirements. Check materials from pre-recipe all the way through the various stages of production.

ERP Software Features for prepared packaged foods

  • logistics
  • inventory management
  • product planning
  • mobile device integration
  • expiry date management
  • warehouse planning