Case Study

Erecruit Staffing Software Differentiates Itself With Easy-To-Use BI Reporting Tool


About Erecruit

Erecruit is the leading visionary technology provider for the staffing and recruiting industry and is the chosen partner for thousands of successful firms around the world.

Erecruit delivers the most comprehensive and innovative end-to-end staffing software solutions designed to empower people to achieve exceptional results. The staffing technology providers serve the entire recruitment lifecycle with Erecruit Front Office, Middle Office, Credentialing and VMS solutions for enterprise staffing firms, Adapt Front and Back Office software for mid-market firms, eStaff365 Onboarding, and TempBuddy, temporary workforce management platform. For more information please visit

Adapt’s staffing and recruiting software is Erecruit’s front and back office solution for mid-market firms, Incorporating innovative dashboards that drive a powerful ATS, CRM for sales management, searching and sourcing within a dynamic web-based hub.  For more information please visit

“Exago’s business-intelligence solution is a strategic complement to Adapt staffing software. The embedded solution gives our clients the ability to design customer reports and dashboards with ease. More importantly, our clients can make faster and better decisions for their organizations with the right data at the right time and with the right format.”

 Betsy Wilson, Director of Product Management


Differentiate Erecruit’s Adapt staffing software in a highly competitive market by offering a business intelligence reporting tool that enables clients to easily design customer reports and dashboards that facilitate staffing business operations and management.


Erecruit turned to Exago to be able to create a solution that allowed the following:

  • Ability to easily embed the reporting tool in the Adapt staffing software application
  • Robust and extensive API that can support current Adapt system security policies
  • Intuitive wizards allowing users to create a wide variety of custom reports and dashboards with ease
  • Take reporting to the next level with interactive HTML dashboards and reports for decision making
  • Report scheduler that allows the user to set and define recurring schedules


  • Seamless, unified user experience for performing core activities and meeting reporting needs in one application
  • High user adoption rate as a result of Exago's intuitive interface. The tool is simple enough for a beginner business user to quickly create adhoc reports and dashboards and, at the same time, robust enough for the power user to design complex reports for deeper analysis
  • Reduced time-to-market by embedding a proven business intelligence reporting tool that saves Erecruit development time, effort, and resources
  • Erecruit’s Adapt differentiator in a competitive landscape