Energy Optimization: Consulting Services

Energy Optimization: Consulting Services

As is the case in most advanced technology facilities, efforts to reduce operating costs must be mindful of operational complexity as well as risk to production efforts. Highly specialized, advanced technology facilities call for specialists familiar with unique and complex process requirements to create an effective energy-saving strategy.

In existing facilities, energy auditing is the first task we perform to develop an energy optimization strategy. A CRB energy audit consists of a detailed examination of how your facility utilizes energy as well as the overall energy expense. We can recommend a program for changes in operating practices and energy-consuming equipment that will effectively reduce energy bill expenses and reduce emissions of environmental pollutants. Our knowledge of state energy reduction programs will also assist you in reducing your initial cost investment.

ExpertiseOur understanding of your process, regulatory, and energy code requirements coupled with energy saving expertise and energy reduction incentives provide you with realistic solutions for your facility. The CRB's team includes specialists certified by the Association of Energy Engineers as Certified Energy Managers. They perform a whole building evaluation that will identify risks, define operational requirements, and allow for informed decisions that ensure the long-term performance and energy efficiency of your facility.

ToolsTo capture an accurate and holistic view, we use leading computer simulation software, including SuperPro, eQUEST, EnergyPro, Trace Trane700, and Elite. And we perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling to look at thermal air movement through spaces with your entire building envelope approach.

ResultsBy implementing tailored solutions, our clients have experienced a 10-20% reduction in utility bills with no-cost or very low-cost operational changes. In many cases, an additional 20-30% annual energy cost savings can be achieved under capital cost programs with payback periods of two years or less. These are the types of success stories that fuel our passion for continually finding innovative ways to help our clients succeed.