EMAGIN. Intelligently Manage Processes In Real Time With AI.

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Connect your daily operations to corporate objectives and site-specific goals that you can easily track and foresee. Emagin integrates seamlessly to enhance your team’s decision making and achieve optimal outcomes.

Real-time Recommendations that Help You Achieve Your Goals

Optimize Your Processes

Get intelligent control that's both prescriptive and predictive.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) that learns from your site’s past performance, Emagin prescribes optimal control actions based on your site goals and your system’s real-time and forecasted conditions.

Energy usage

Emagin provides intelligent predictive setpoints to minimize system-wide energy, power, and steam system costs. Use it with pumps, blowers, compressors, and other high energy consuming assets in your system.

Chemicals or inputs

With Emagin you'll get real-time predictive setpoints of chemically-assisted processes and cleaning systems. Use it with coagulation, flocculation, CIP chemicals, pH adjustment, alkalinity addition, and C:N:P ratio stabilization.


Emagin enables you to optimize your energy usage and chemical dosage, while also maintaining important compliance or regulation levels.Avoid costly non-compliance costs and negative media coverage.


Emagin enables you to optimize revenue generation by maximizing production and predicting or removing process variability. Use it for maximizing digester biogas, for membrane recovery, with reactors, or with turbine generation.