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08.08.17 -- Electronic Signatures, Essential For Paperless Processes

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Bridging The Gap Between Unstructured, Handwritten Documents And The Demand For Electronic Data
Guest Column | By Jean-Louis Fages

The need for the conversion of paperwork into computer-usable form is becoming more apparent each day as we enter a new era in document and information processing. It has been reported that each day in America, over one-billion pages of paper-based information are manually keyed into a computer or indexed by hand. While this number continues to increase, the number of employees in the U.S. dedicated to this work continues to decrease.

Simplifying Document Imaging For County Archives
Case Study | By OPEX Corporation

A new scanning solution at Chester County Archives cut the time it takes to convert a box of documents from a day to 90 minutes.

Electronic Signatures, Essential For Paperless Processes
White Paper | By Digitech Systems, Inc.

Picture this: Your documents are stored electronically, you route them electronically, and you have abandoned the world of paper. That is, until, BOOM, one of your electronically stored documents needs a signature. Don't worry, signatures can be added to the electronic mix.

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A2iA Lockbox Capabilities

Increase revenue potential and make lockbox services more efficient with A2iA DocumentReader and A2iA CheckReader. Proven around the globe to deliver the most advanced capabilities that increase your access to critical, revenue driving data and deliver an ROI visible to the bottom line.

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