Newsletter | May 30, 2017

05.30.17 -- ECM Eases Shift To Digital For Photocopy Companies

  A Big Return On Returned Mail

See how Lake Michigan Mailers opened up new revenue streams and improved customer value with automated returned mail services from OPEX and CPT. Read the full story here.

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How Intelligent Word Recognition Cuts Labor Costs
By A2iA Corporation

Intelligent word recognition is a low-risk, high-tech solution that, when applied successfully, greatly improves data entry throughput, truncates information processing lifecycles, and improves business processes throughout the enterprise.

How The Best Insurance Companies Automate Claims Processing
By OPEX Corporation

If you were the largest property and casualty insurer in your state with over 170 agent offices and 15 claim locations and needed to automate your paper-based claims process, how would you go about doing it?

ECM Eases Shift To Digital For Photocopy Companies
By Tim Wacker, technical writer, NBN Communications

The digital age has transformed most paper-dependent industries. However, the multibillion-dollar photocopier industry is a notable holdout in this paper-to-digital transformation with printers producing as much paper as ever in offices across the globe. Yet the latest evolution of digital document management solutions could lead to major changes in the photocopier industry, much as it has in publishing.

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