Article | June 17, 2016

Don't Find Yourself Guilty Of Costly Scanning Practices In Your Law Firm

Source: OPEX Corporation
Law Firm Scanning

By Laura Evans via the OPEX Blog

In today’s legal environment, the advantages of having paper documents in electronic format are tremendous.  Once the paper documents are converted into digital data, case files are readily available. Employees no longer have to waste time searching for them. For law firms that specialize in collections, digitizing documents upon receipt allows for faster and safer processing.

The number of paper documents produced and gathered during discovery can be overwhelming and the resulting case files even more so. These important records can include anything from statements, spreadsheets, technical drawings, images and even hand written notes. They can span every facet of the legal process from client interviews to final case appeals.

You may have thought about ways to make your law office paperless with the intention to keep your practice as efficient as possible.  The truth is, digitizing your case files can set your law firm free.  That is, free from excessive labor costs during discovery and freeing up space currently housing bulky filing cabinets and stacks of boxes crammed with documents.