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Document Analysis: Recent Installations Of A2iA DocumentReader Reinforce A2iA's Command Of The Document Classification Software Market

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A2iA Corporation

A2iA Corporation, a leading provider of document analysis and data extraction technology, recently announced that its software, A2iA DocumentReader, a document classification and data extraction API, has been selected by several high-profile users in North America and Europe. These successful installations make A2iA DocumentReader the leading document classification and data extraction engine on the market, and make A2iA Corp. a recognized leader in the document classification space.

"A2iA is being effective in leveraging its handwriting pattern recognition expertise in high-volume applications for mailrooms and document classification," said Harvey Spencer, president of Harvey Spencer Associates, the leading consulting firm in the document imaging space. "These first A2iA DocumentReader installations put A2iA in a position where they are demonstrating understanding and control over truly unstructured paper document processing."

A2iA DocumentReader uses new techniques to analyze a group of documents together, such as the contents of an envelope or folder. This holistic approach helps to ensure that each document is classified accurately and identifies missing required documentation for a transaction, resulting in the ability to make more efficient decisions on the information that should be indexed and ensuring the appropriate data from handwritten and machine-printed pages is extracted.

Proven to resolve some of the toughest challenges in content management today – unstructured document processing and the extraction of handwritten cursive data – A2iA DocumentReader has been trusted with the following installations:

  • United Kingdom Criminal Justice System, Serious Fraud Office (SFO) – A division of the U.K. criminal justice system, the SFO investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud. An application developed by Unilog/LogicaCMG uses A2iA DocumentReader to analyze batches of unsorted documents seized from suspected fraudulent companies. By automatically scanning for keywords, regular expressions and amounts, this application is used to combat major embezzlements and conspiracies, as well as to detect patterns of fraudulent behavior. A2iA DocumentReader has been trusted to read more than 10 million mission-critical documents per year at this location, helping to provide evidence in criminal cases, more timely investigations and faster convictions.
  • Yale University Peabody Museum of Natural History – Specimens in the Yale University Herbarium Collection date back as far as 160 years, making it an important national historical collection. Yale required a solution that would make 350,000 specimen labels searchable by scientists and educators at a global level, without incurring vast amounts of manual labor to key the historical data. By combining A2iA's advanced classification and recognition technologies to mimic a human speed-reader, A2iA DocumentReader quickly sorts unstructured documents and searches handwritten content, making it possible to mine data previously unavailable in electronic form for scientists, researchers and educators worldwide.
  • Large International Service Provider – A large service provider with offices in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, specializing in document management and incoming mail processing, utilizes A2iA DocumentReader to classify each piece of incoming mail and identify the customer and the appropriate transaction type. This service provider will process more than 100 million pages each year with A2iA DocumentReader.
  • Société Générale – The corporate branch of Société Générale, one of the largest commercial banks in Europe, included A2iA DocumentReader in its proprietary application, SIROCCO. This application digitizes and automates the processing of market-trade confirmations of the bank's daily buy and sell transactions. A2iA DocumentReader locates and extracts the customers' identifying information indicated on the confirmations, received in the form of faxes or telexes, totalling more than 1.2 million pages per year.
  • Arvato Services, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann – This business process outsourcing firm licensed A2iA DocumentReader to automatically process incoming consumer correspondence received by SFR, the French mobile telephone provider. A2iA DocumentReader automates the sorting of the various documents contained in these mail items and extracts the customer's mobile telephone number to reduce the lapse in response time. A2iA DocumentReader will help assure timely customer service.
  • Department of Public Housing, City of Tours, France – The city of Tours, France, utilizes A2iA DocumentReader to process information from their public housing files. Integrated by ACS, the application is licensed for more than 120,000 files per year, creating faster processing times and a solution to their backlog of paper documents.

What sets A2iA DocumentReader apart is that it understands how documents are used and what role they play. This first-ever automated data capture and keyword-spotting software for structured and unstructured documents allows for the classification and extraction of the contents in large volumes of handwritten letters and loosely structured fields within forms. A2iA DocumentReader has proven itself to be the key to unlocking valuable cursive and printed information in content management, knowledge management and workflow systems. Handwritten data previously excluded from traditional forms processing and records management applications is now included in the classification and extraction process.

"A2iA has their finger squarely on what people truly want from an electronic document management solution, and that is indexing simplicity," said Raimund Wasner, managing director of The Rheinner Group, the leading authority specializing in document management, imaging and workflow. "Whether you have 10 or 10 million documents, the speed at which you can index, extract and classify documents (especially those with handwriting on them) is the hallmark of a cost-effective solution."

A2iA DocumentReader is available to service bureaus and other software developers for integration into various business process management, content management, document capture, e-discovery, and OCR/ICR applications. For more information, call 917.237.0390 or visit

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A2iA is the leading provider of tools for document analysis and handwritten data extraction from paper documents. By allowing users to process documents automatically in the payment, mail, document and forms processing markets, its advanced Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and document classification technologies have been helping paper-intensive industries reduce data entry costs and improve business process automation for over 16 years. A2iA's recognition engines include their OCR, ICR and IWR technologies, coupled with their image analysis, artificial intelligence and neural network systems, to enhance solutions from the world's leading systems integrators and independent software vendors. For more information:

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