DMA™ 35 Portable Density Meter

DMA 35 Portable Density Meter

Digital density measurement is about to further evolve: With the new DMA 35™ from Anton Paar. The robust portable density meter needs only 2 mL of sample for the measurement and delivers results within seconds. Simplify your measurements in the field with DMA 35™.

Anton Paar launches the new DMA 35™ portable density meter employing the oscillating U-tube principle. This instrument embodies 50 years of density measuring experience as the market leader in digital density measurement.

DMA 35™ is exceptionally efficient and simple to use: it requires only 2 mL of sample, filled with the built-in hand pump, to conduct measurements in less than a minute, including filling and cleaning. It is now also ready for both left- and right-hand use and the sensitivity of the capacitive keys is suitable for operation with or without gloves. Sample containers are identified before the measurement with the help of the integrated RFID interface. This minimizes costs and valuable working time and makes sure that all measured data are allocated to the correct sampling location. The Bluetooth® interface allows operators to send the stored results to a computer or printer wirelessly to ensure perfect documentation of results.

This latest version of Anton Paar’s portable density meters measures a huge variety of different samples – ranging from fermenting beer and wine to solvents and acids. The instrument shows the result as density or concentration in units such as °Brix, % v/v alcohol, or % w/w H2SO4. Results are automatically compensated for the temperature influence, so no further calculations are necessary and potential user errors are eliminated.

For filling highly viscous or expensive samples, the instrument is put in a stable position on the table and filled with a syringe from the top. The screen of the instrument rotates automatically and you will see how your handheld device turns into a mini benchtop instrument. The lock-function of the pump avoids carryover of sample or cleaning liquid. The density results are accurate to 0.001 g/cm3 and the influence of viscosity is automatically corrected.

Packaged in a robust housing with a hard glass front, DMA 35™ is built to withstand the knocks and spills of outdoor use. The cartridge containing the glass measuring cell is protected with an additional rubber housing. It is completely separated from the instrument’s electronics to prevent liquid entering the instrument in case of any cell rupture. What’s more, the cartridge containing the measuring cell can be simply replaced by Anton Paar service personnel should your instrument suffer from a cell rupture by mischance.

The new DMA 35™ from the market leader in digital density measurement saves you time and delivers the values you need at the push of a button. Be part of the evolution of digital density measurement – with DMA 35™ from Anton Paar.