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07.05.17 -- Digital Transformation: 5 Stages To Being Fully Optimized

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Difficult Documents, Simple Solution
By OPEX Corporation

Chicago Records Management (CRM) provides services to a number of growing businesses across a variety of vertical markets, but one marketing customer, in particular, was expanding rapidly. The client's document imaging needs were also growing quickly, so they asked CRM if they could increase the speed and volume of the scanning operation to keep pace with their digital document requirements. This presented a challenge as the materials involved were difficult to scan and required a significant amount of manual handling.

Image-Enabled ATMs Improve Operational Margins
By A2iA Corporation

Since the installation of the first automated teller machine (ATM) in the early 1970's, ATMs have become a staple in consumer banking technology. This technology has continued to evolve and customers now rely on ATMs for convenience and ease in accessing their financial institution, completing transactions without the need of a bank teller, at whatever hour of the day or night it is convenient for them.

Digital Transformation: 5 Stages To Being Fully Optimized
By Wouter Koelewijn, Y Soft Scanning Division

The term "Digital Transformation" is de rigueur: it is often highlighted in news stories and ongoing corporate communications globally and is even the subject of recent TED talks. However, Digital Transformation is a journey and there are five stages to being fully optimized.

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OPEX Falcon Document Scanning Workstation

Falcon combines OPEX's innovative one-step drop feed scanning with the performance of a high-capacity production scanner, providing the only universal document scanning workstation on the market. Regardless of your document scanning needs, Falcon is designed to attack the most difficult and daunting workflow challenges.

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