Case Study

Diagnostic Testing Organization Modernizes Operations With DocumentReader

Source: A2iA Corporation

A2iA delivers more access to complex data, making manual tasks, automated. As the worldwide leading developer of data recognition and intelligent document classification software, the organization is dedicated to making all types of information searchable and reportable, regardless of whether they are written in machine print or cursive handwriting. With a focus on research and development, all technology is built in-house without the use of third- party engines, allowing for customization and complete control over its capabilities.

Based on these successes, a U.S.-based clinical laboratory approached A2iA to improve their efficiency and workflow. Not only is this organization is a self-proclaimed pioneer in innovative and advanced healthcare IT solutions, but they are one of the world’s largest providers of diagnostic testing services.


Initiated by the customer’s C-Suite as part of a five- year savings plan, the organization looked to modernize operations within its primary business unit and to automate its paper-based processes. The chosen solution was required to provide value with respect to shortened processing times and increased efficiencies, but also by delivering an ROI.

Additionally, since this venture was to completely transform the original way of doing business, it needed to reach a significant level of performance to validate the change and win buy-in from stakeholders within the business, operations and technical teams.

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