Newsletter | September 4, 2018

09.04.18 -- Desktop Scanning Intelligence: No Longer An Oxymoron

  Simplify Your Document Management Playbook

As the 2018 NFL season kicks off, teams and fans are looking to see who the key players are this year. Many coaches are looking to their new rookie players as they study and implement the complex playbook. Similarly, many managers are bringing in "rookies" to their document processing solutions but the complexity and accuracy needed to handle certain documents can create confusion and missed deadlines. What key player is missing from your document management playbook?

Featured Articles
Disorder In The Court: The Case For Document Scanning In The Legal, Insurance Industries
Article | By OPEX Corporation

Law firms and insurance companies are caught in the intersection of three common document management challenges: They process a high volume of documents; they are subject to stringent state and federal regulatory requirements; and they have to maintain their documents for retrieval for lengthy periods of time.

How Oklahoma State University Maximized The Benefits Of Distributed Capture
Case Study | By Kodak Alaris

The Oklahoma State University registrar's office, admissions operations, and other departments had been capturing documents digitally for over a decade in a centralized scanning environment. Their centralized capture workflow didn't fit the evolving needs of OSU, so they decided to make a change.

Desktop Scanning Intelligence: No Longer An Oxymoron
White Paper | By Ashley Keil, ibml

Until recently, the operational benefits of inline scanning intelligence and document automation have only been available on very high-end scanning technology. The availability of a new class of intelligent desktop scanners is now offering similar operational benefits to the mainstream capture market.

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