White Paper

Defending SMBs With Cloud-Managed Security

Reliability, Business Continuity Drive Demand For Cloud Adoption

Technology is a two edged sword. On one side, the introduction of new applications, devices, and web services makes people’s lives and jobs easier and more productive. On the other, the increase in user mobility, the migration to faster data pipes and the exchange of more information open businesses up to new threats and increased susceptibility to cyber attacks.

The job of an IT administrator is never finished as security threats are ongoing and endless. The introduction of new technology in the workplace, often by employees, keeps IT managers constantly on guard as they balance network accessibility against data protection.

Increased regulations cut across all companies both large and small and add additional burden and expense to the IT budget. PCI and HIPAA regulations, for example, apply to any small, medium and large business that accepts credit card payments or maintains and transmits personal patient information. Demonstrating compliance is yet another task that the small and medium sized businesses (SMB) must satisfy in order to conduct business nationally and internationally.

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