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Data Solutions For CMOs Working With Sponsor Organizations

Data Solutions For CMOs Working With Sponsor Organizations

BIOVIA Discoverant provides easy-to-use tools for data access, analytics, trending and reporting which enables real-time decision making. Discoverant works with multiple data types and systems (e.g., MES, Paper, LIMS, ERP) to aggregate data while providing process context. Powerful analytics and reporting tools enable point-and-click access to data, rapid deviation correction, faster preparation of regulatory filings and more efficient audit responses. With Discoverant, CMOs can empower their sponsors or customers to conduct many of these activities on their own products or processes through better data transparency.

With better process visibility, on-demand data and reports, CMOs experience fewer distractions from sponsor visits and data requests helping inspections go more smoothly. Ultimately, better process understanding and control leads to greater efficiencies and improved margins.


  • 100 unique data / analysis tasks per year
  • Each task consumes 4 hours of time at $100/hour
  • 20 processes on site
  • Data collection and analysis accounts for 80% of the time.
  • BIOVIA Discoverant has 75% of the necessary data available
  • BIOVIA Discoverant provides a 90% reduction in the amount of time needed to collect and analyze the data


  • Cost of data/analysis currently: 20 x 100 x 4 x $100 = $800,000
  • Cost savings of tasks with Discoverant: $800,000 x 80% x 75% x 90% = $432,000

Life Sciences Project:
Contract Manufacturers Enhancing Their Sponsor Relationships


  • Achieve process predictablity
  • Provide faster problem solving
  • Reduce COGS and risks through process improvements
  • Streamline reporting collaboration on deviations

BIOVIA Discoverant provides a Process Production Operations solution experience which integrates process development, manufacturing and quality environments to drive effective process design, performance and improvement.

“BIOVIA Discoverant provides us with a competitive advantage in working with sponsor organizations. We can proactively collaborate to facilitate process improvements, meeting customer and regulatory requirements while maximizing our profits.”
— Discoverant user

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