White Paper

Data Normalization - Common Use Cases And Terminology Domain Challenges

Healthcare Data Normalization Solution

The rapid evolution of health IT systems has resulted in significant interoperability problems that stem from the presence of numerous local and standardized clinical terminologies.

A key ingredient for a data normalization solution should include domain-specific mapping algorithms for labs, drugs, and problems and diagnoses that can translate disparate data to support the needs of data warehousing, ACOs, HIEs, analytics, and population health initiatives.

The rapid rise of healthcare IT (HIT) offers the potential for boosting the quality of patient care and streamlining the delivery of services.

Electronic health record (EHR) systems free clinical information from paper charts and file rooms. Computerized Physician Order Entry and e-prescribing systems automate manual tasks and reduce the risk of medication errors. Other applications target the payer side of the healthcare environment. However, as more systems are created to improve patient outcomes and bolster operational efficiencies, it will become increasingly important for health care organizations to leverage the information contained in diverse HIT systems.