White Paper

Creating The Next Generation Of Claims Processing Together

Source: A2iA Corporation

Automatic indexing. The first step in streamlining claims processing solutions is indexing, or classification. This crucial step allows complex claims, such as Health Care Financing Administration forms (HCFA) and UB-04 (CMS- 1450) forms, to be broken down into proper categories for more accurate identification, faster processing and reimbursements, and improved data extraction.

What's your competitive advantage?

Within many claims processing solutions, the image files are often just that – images, without capturing the intelligence or data inside, and are then manually sorted into categories such as ‘accepted,’ ‘denied,’ or ‘exception.’

A2iA allows claims processing solutions to go one, critical step further—turning digital data into usable and searchable electronic data and then automatically routing it to the appropriate workflow so that the claims process can be expedited and improved both in accuracy and efficiency.