Concentration Meter: DMA 4500 M Chemicals

Concentration Meter: DMA 4500 M Chemicals

Concentration measurement of chemicals is now quick and easy: with the concentration meter DMA 4500 M Chemicals. Small sample volume, fast results, fully automated data processing, over 140 built-in concentration tables, and maximum protection are the outstanding features.

Key Features

Over 140 calculation tables

It's concentrated - DMA 4500 M Chemicals comes with more than 140 built-in conversion tables covering salts, acids, alkalis, alcohols, sugar, and many more. Individual tables can be added any time.

More automation

Sample changer - automated. Data processing - automated. Results from up to 96 samples are provided automatically. Once the density measurements are done, the instrument processes the data into concentration results and sends it to you with an email notification.

Maximum protection

DMA 4500 M Chemicals is made for aggressive chemicals. The density meter uses PCAP touchscreen technology with a chemically hardened glass surface. The measurement cell is made of glass and the filling adpaters made of Teflon. Maximum protection guaranteed.

Safe operation

The automated conversion of the density reading into a concentration value eliminates human error. There is no need to change the measuring setup even for the full concentration range. Safe operation and high quality results are the outcome.

Fast and easy

Lab personnel can handle the density meter after a minimum of training. The operator only needs 2 mL sample volume, no further consumables. The measurement itself only takes 30 seconds.