Article | May 5, 2016

Combining Claims Processing With X-ray Scanning - How Hard Can It Be?

Source: OPEX Corporation
Combining Claims Processing With X-ray Scanning

Anyone who has experience will tell you that automating insurance claims with X-ray scanning is a multifaceted and time-consuming process. Dental claims include a number of different forms, supporting documentation and patient X-rays, all of which must be properly classified, sorted, scanned and filed. The X-rays come through as high-resolution prints and also as film X-rays. Digitizing film X-rays requires a separate process with highly technical and expensive equipment. The process also includes added work to apply barcode labels to track those X-rays and their associated claims documents.

Success Breeds Success

Dentegra serves enrollees in both commercial and government-sponsored programs. Recently, it successfully implemented a combined solution from OPEX Corporation and Mavro Imaging to automate its commercial claims process. With this success under their belt, Dentegra turned its attention to a more ambitious automation project: improving claims processing for a large government client.

The high volume of claims processed through this program not only includes the usual mix of claims documentation but also a much larger volume of X-rays. The X-rays come through as high-resolution prints and also as film X-rays. Dentegra processes as many as 25,000 claims daily for this client alone.

The X-ray Challenge

While the document processing component of the solution would function for this government client just as it did for Dentegra’s commercial claims (read Dentegra Group Improves Claims Processing Efficiency), X-ray film presented a significant challenge. Under the existing processes, the X-rays (which could not be scanned on a traditional scanner) were physically separated from the claims documents, then organized and stored separately.

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