CMM HyperCel™ Mixed-Mode Sorbent


Industry-Scalable Cation Exchange Mixed-Mode Sorbent for High Performance Capture and Impurity Removal at Moderate Salt Conductivity

  • Superior separation performance, typical of a mixed-mode resin, without the traditional limitations commonly associated with this sorbent class
    • Ability to separate proteins with similar isoelectric point and/or hydrophobicity at low or high conductivity
    • High dynamic binding capacity over repeated purification cycles
    • High yield of recovery, low elution volume
    • Easy regeneration
  • Designed for capturing monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), Fab antibody fragments and recombinant proteins from challenging samples


CMM HyperCel sorbent is composed of a rigid cellulose matrix that has flow properties compatible with the needs of manufacturing scale protein production.

The proprietary ligand containing both a primary amine and a carboxyl group, confers cation exchange and hydrophobicity properties to the chromatography sorbent. At working pH (4 to 9), the amine group is never charged (pKa < 4). The carboxyl group is weakly charged at adsorption pH (4 to 6) to allow protein adsorption based on hydrophobicity. At elution pH (7 to 9), the carboxyl group is fully deprotonated and the elution will be based on negative charge repulsion. The flexibility of the ligand enables the separation of proteins with a large variety of isoelectric points and hydrophobicity levels, and multiple conditions can be employed to separate targeted molecules from contaminants.

The sorbent is available in a variety of configurations: 200 and 600 μL ScreenExpert RoboColumnsu for initial resin screening, and convenient 1 mL and 5 mL PRC prepacked columns for rapid method optimization, selectivity screening or small preparative work. CMM HyperCel sorbent is also supplied as a slurry/suspension in 1 M NaCl containing 20% (v/v) ethanol, or as a moist cake for process-scale applications. The moist cake sorbent facilitates the sorbent transfer, avoiding the agitation and suspension of large material volumes.

CMM HyperCel sorbent has a chemical stability that ensures simple clean-in-place (CIP) and storage. For standard CIP, 0.5 to 1 M NaOH treatment is recommended, while long-term storage in 10 to 100 mM NaOH is possible.