Article | January 12, 2016

Build Vs. Buy – A New Software Paradigm

Source: OnBase by Hyland
New Software Paradigm

By Bill Filion via the OnBase Blog

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Every organization, no matter how complex, will add more software over time. This is because many process improvements are best solved with computerization. If better data or a simpler technique won’t improve a process, then chances are high that we will deploy new software to handle the need.

We’ve always had the choice to build or buy. But building comes with a lot of development and maintenance costs. Buying, especially with so many specialized vendors and products available today, is typically in our best interests in the majority of cases.

The costs of building

Building software is always an option. Most companies have either an available programming staff or access to consulting firms that will eagerly take on a project.

But when you build, you need to handle challenges that stand outside the actual data and application you need.

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