News | November 14, 2018

Build Low-Code Enterprise Apps With Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework 4.0

Newgen Software, a provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Customer Communication Management (CCM) platforms, recently released Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework (NEMF) 4.0. This version brings new features and functionalities that simplifies the building and managing of enterprise mobile applications, making it easier, faster and more efficient.

Enterprises are facing an increasing demand for mobile applications in order to ease business operations and provide real-time access to employees to their core applications, anytime anywhere. NEMF 4.0 provides cutting-edge, feature-rich functionalities that enable enterprises to boost the productivity of their digital workers while reducing operational costs.

“The ability to receive and respond to information in real time is a key requirement not only for business leaders but also for line managers and field staff. NEMF provides a platform to build and utilize enterprise apps and a means to access data anytime anywhere, creating a highly connected, digital workplace,” said Diwakar Nigam, Chairman and Managing Director, Newgen Software.

The key features of NEMF 4.0 include:

  • Real time monitoring and management:
  • Dashboard: Provides users with real-time information of various work being done by multiple apps
  • Device Management: Allows users to easily view and manage devices on which enterprise apps have been deployed
  • Form designer: Helps users in building responsive apps for NEMF platform using drag and drop form designing capabilities
  • Advanced Camera:
    Bulk capturing: Allows users to capture multiple images at a time
    Simplified editing: Allows users to view, edit and perform various imaging operations on the captured images real-time
  • Touch ID Support: Allows app-authentication to be done through device’s touch-ID rather than entering username and password every time
  • Lightning-fast uploads: The apps built on NEMF platform can now transmit large images and data in a more efficient and fail-safe manner. Users can capture and upload greater number of documents and cases in a short amount of time

NEMF offers plug and play components, enterprise level security, advanced data and document capture and adaptors for integration with back-end systems to enable rapid, low code app development. It provides a standard approach for developing responsive apps, which can work across different forms of mobile devices including Smartphones, Tablets and Phablets.

About Newgen Software Technologies Limited:
Newgen Software Technologies Limited is a provider of Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management and Customer Communication Management platforms with large, mission-critical solutions deployed at world’s leading Banks, Governments, BPO’s & IT Companies, Insurance firms and Healthcare Organizations.

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SOURCE: Newgen Software Inc.