Case Study

Berkeley County Water & Sanitation Takes Big Leap Forward With Big Data From Sensus


Berkeley County Water & Sanitation (BCWS) has moved from manual meter reads to remote readings that happen with the push of a button. The result? Massive amounts of data but no clear view into how to use it to benefit its more than 24,000 customers and better plan for tomorrow.

“Data by itself isn’t enough,” said Terry Hughes, water distribution superintendent, BCWS. “You have to understand it and turn it into intelligence you can act upon. But that’s not an easy task, and we needed help.”

Located in the southeastern corner of South Carolina, Berkeley County covers 800 square miles of low country, making it the largest county in the Palmetto State. It’s also the fastest growing county in the state and the 40th fastest growing in the nation since 2010.

Providing excellence in customer service is the utility’s mainstay. To deliver on that promise, they must know how much water their customers use today and determine how much they’ll need tomorrow.

Connecting on average more than 100 new customers per month, the utility went looking for a longer lens.