AssetWise Lifecycle Information Management

Asset Lifecycle

Managing asset lifecycle information bridges the gap during the CAPEX phase of a project through handover into OPEX. Traditional approaches have relied on manual, uncontrolled issues of data and drawings without considering what information should be managed across the lifecycle.


Bentley's approach to asset lifecycle information management addresses these issues by providing you with an integrated information management environment that improves overall quality, integrity, and relevance of asset data across all project phases.

Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) brings together and unifies a series of project delivery and asset management business functions. It utilizes the underlying data that was created and matured during the project lifecycle into operations.

Using data managed and controlled using Bentley's ALIM solution, you can validate and issue key asset data for all disciplines in a single unified environment. Core tools help you manage and maintain overall data accuracy, integrity, and quality together with relationships between the various data and documents that you can share through defined business workflows with key project stakeholders. This extends not only to engineering data but also the underlying project documents, specifications, and records created during the lifecycle of the asset.