Artel Accredited Liquid Handler Calibration Service

Accredited Calibration Service

Maximize productivity while meeting regulatory requirements.
Finally, an ISO 17025 accredited service for automated liquid handlers–so your team can stay focused on what they do best.

The first and only ISO 17025 accredited service.

Your results can change lives. You need the utmost confidence in your data, and a critical part of that confidence comes from instrument calibrations that meet regulatory requirements.

Artel is ready to help you meet your automated liquid handler calibration needs with the first and only ISO 17025 accredited service.

  • Save money on expensive service contracts
    Knowing that your liquid handler is performing well can give you the confidence to minimize your purchase of expensive service contracts.
  • Bring your liquid handlers back online faster
    Have an Artel specialist perform volume verifications for new and newly-serviced instruments and minimize instrument downtime.
  • Leverage Artel experience
    The Artel Accredited Calibration Service team has years of combined experience performing regulatory-compliant calibrations on all makes and models of liquid handlers.
  • Easily meet regulatory requirements
    Leave your liquid handler calibration to the only service provider that is accredited to ISO 17025.
  • Get more use out of your current liquid handlers
    Knowing how your instrument is truly performing can give you the confidence you need in your low-liquid volume assays.
  • Stay productive and focused on your work
    Remove the distractions of maintaining liquid handling quality and keep your team focused on the work that matters most.