Newsletter | November 27, 2018

11.27.18 -- Are You Properly Disposing Of ePHI? How To Tell You Might Be Violating HIPAA

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Electronic Signatures, Essential For Paperless Processes
White Paper | By Digitech Systems, Inc.

Picture this: Your documents are stored electronically, you route them electronically, and you have abandoned the world of paper. That is, until, BOOM, one of your electronically stored documents needs a signature. Don't worry, signatures can be added to the electronic mix.

Digital Transformation: Revolutionizing Competitive Advantages
Article | By A2iA Corporation

There is an ever-increasing pressure on businesses to remain competitive and meet customer expectations in the digital age, as well as for governments to enable transparency for its citizens. Most have already digitized at least some part of their workflows, be it through e-commerce, web-marketing efforts, or the automation of repetitive tasks.

Are You Properly Disposing Of ePHI? How To Tell If You Might Be Violating HIPAA
Guest Column | By Tim Mullahy, Liberty Center One

The digitization of the healthcare industry has had some awesome and amazingly positive results—there’s no denying that. At the same time, it’s also caused many health organizations to blunder headfirst into a sea of HIPAA violations, most of them related to electronic protected health information (ePHI). One area that seems to be frequently overlooked involves the proper disposal of such data, and the devices on which it’s stored. Let’s talk about that.

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