Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trial Expertise

Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trial Expertise

Our tradition of excellence is centered on Alzheimer’s Disease, with our unparalleled experience in this indication (including related dementias) allowing us not only to understand the complexities associated with evaluating patients with various phenotypes, but also to implement specific design features through the use of strategies to mitigate the risks and challenges in the Alzheimer’s field.

Worldwide has executed 14 Alzheimer’s trials, delivering clinical monitoring, project management, or full clinical research services for all of them.

The majority of these studies have been conducted globally, and include full service capabilities in Latin America, Asia Pacific, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

Worldwide delivers this expertise through our team of scientific, medical, operational, and regulatory staff, who all contribute unique skills to help our partners meet the special demands of Alzheimer’s disease clinical research. Our established relationships with key investigators, regulatory bodies, and academic research organizations in the Alzheimer’s field ensure delivery of high quality and clinically relevant data.

Our expert team includes neuropsychologists and neuroimaging experts who have contributed to the development of every drug class applicable to Alzheimer’s disease in the past 30 years, and have undisputed experience in this field in both the development and application of novel methodology for interventional research using small molecules, as well as biologics. This, coupled with a true commitment to the success of each and every clinical trial, means Worldwide is ideally positioned to be your Alzheimer’s study partner.

Worldwide’s senior scientific team has authored three books and more than 100 articles with a specific focus in Alzheimer’s, and is currently working on a new book that will explore the design and conduct of trials in Alzheimer’s disease from transitional research initiatives through studies mandated for successful commercialization.