News | September 20, 2017

Akumina Launches Project-Based Collaboration Software For Microsoft Office 365 Customers


Akumina, the leading software provider of digital workplace solutions, announced today the launch of its next version of their digital workplace software platform including new collaboration software capabilities designed for project-based collaboration called “Workspaces”.

With Workspaces, employees can create purposeful collaboration spaces around specific projects or events. Project collaboration is specific collaboration around a defined entity. That entity could be a project, a document, an event, a hospital patient or a customer; any defined entity. Project-based collaboration has specific people involved, a specific timeline, a series of milestones, tasks and workflows with the ultimate goal of a completion event. Workspaces are structured micro-portals, centered on the entity and can be started from pre-created and project-relevant templates. Users are handed a connected and branded experience that connects all content, tools, tasks, people and conversations into a single platform.

“The launch of Workspaces creates a truly connected experience for our customers, allowing them to take another step away from a standard intranet and move towards a digital workplace strategy that is centered on enhanced productivity and collaboration,” said David Maffei, chief revenue officer at Akumina. “This is a significant addition to our digital workplace platform and addresses the critical need of ‘everyday productivity’ with our customers.”

Workspaces leverages the Microsoft GraphAPI and underlying technology from Office 365 – such as Microsoft Office Groups, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and more, enabling users to benefit from the best attributes of these systems in an easy to use, connected and mobile-friendly interface. Workspaces also leverages Akumina’s extensible integration framework for connections to other systems of record – such as human resources or finance systems. Workspaces are fully brandable, allowing enterprises to create personalized collaboration experiences that directly meets the business’s needs.

“Akumina’s Workspace technology is revolutionary and plugs a significant hole left by collaboration products such as Microsoft Teams or Slack,” said Peter Ward, CEO of Soho Dragon Solutions. “While Teams is persistent, open collaboration designed to share ideas and promote discussions across a broad range of topics - it is designed around the members of the team and various unstructured topics and not designed to be centered around a specific contained entity. Workspaces hits the mark around project-centric collaboration in a big way.”

Non-technical users can easily spin up new Workspaces by utilizing a wizard offering them a series of pre-built templates, as well as the ability to pick the components they want to create a custom Workspace. Additionally, collaboration needs often evolve, even after the site is created - therefore users still have flexibility to add, delete or rearrange the components in their workspace with drag-and-drop ease.

Akumina’s latest version rounds out with enhancements to many key areas of the platform including a deeper integration with Microsoft Cognitive Services, enhanced machine-translation capabilities, increased performance and more intuitive drag-and-drop page creation capabilities.

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