Aclara RF Network Pressure Monitoring Solution

Aclara RF Network Pressure Monitoring Solution

Aclara’s water pressure monitoring solution leverages our industry leading Aclara RF network to provide near real-time monitoring of water pressure throughout your distribution network. Whether used for leak detection or managing system-wide pressure, Aclara’s pressure monitoring solution is easy to install, reliable, low maintenance and integrated into your advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) environment.

Aclara’s pressure monitoring solution will effortlessly and remotely monitor and collect pressure data throughout your distribution network. Near real-time data will improve network performance, identify maintenance needs, and discover leaks and other network issues quickly and cost effectively. Pressure transducers combine with sensor transmission units (STUs) for a complete solution guaranteed to provide detailed and actionable data.

Overlay weather, water consumption, and other relevant data to get a deeper picture of the operational condition of your distribution network. Accurate and timely data can help lower your overall system pressure for example – without violating minimum pressure thresholds. This will decrease the energy required to pump water, minimize leaks, and reduce wear and tear on your distribution infrastructure.


  • Pressure ranges, accuracy, and pipe fittings can be configured to the operator’s needs for maximum flexibility of installation and operational conditions
  • Four user-configurable alert level thresholds give maximum flexibility of operation, with each threshold configurable both to send an immediate alert to the head-end and/or trigger the STU to enter an “event mode” operation state
  • Event mode allows the STU to operate at different settings (like reading/transmitting more often) to give a more precise and timely view into out-of-the-ordinary operating conditions
  • Targeted software modules at the head-end (GIS map of the location and state of each monitor, summary charts showing pressure vs. time) make analyzing and determining network performance a snap
  • Alerts generated by exceeding thresholds can trigger email or SMS text notifications to designated recipients for immediate notification and response

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