News | February 28, 2008

A2iA Named Among The 100 Companies That Matter In Knowledge Management For 2008

Source: A2iA Corporation
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A2iA Corporation

A2iA, a leading provider of tools for document analysis and handwritten data extraction, announced recently that KMWorld has named A2iA among the 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management for 2008. KM practitioners, theorists, analysts, vendors and their customers and colleagues determine the yearly list to recognize innovation and excellence in the industry.

"I was contacted directly by A2iA customers, each advocating for A2iA's inclusion on this year's list, and explaining the breadth of A2iA's legitimate solutions to vexing business problems," said Hugh McKellar, Editor-in-Chief of KMWorld Magazine. "This list is designed to recognize organizations leading the way in the knowledge economy. All companies included share the following criteria: Each has helped to create a market, redefine one or enhance one, and all of them demonstrate the capacity for customer-driven agile innovation."

According to KMWorld, companies that receive this prestigious distinction are those that best contribute to the better management of the intellectual property of an enterprise, and their position as leaders of innovation and competitive growth.

"A2iA is proud that its recognition and document classification engines have been recognized as market leaders," said Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA's Chairman of the Board and CEO. "A2iA continues to prove its ability to help knowledge management systems understand a document's meaning, and then extract both handwritten and machine-printed information from them."

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About A2iA
A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is a software company that operates one of the world's largest research centers focusing on ways to extract information from everyday paper documents that contain handwritten information. A2iA's Document Classification, OCR, ICR and IWR technologies have been reducing data-entry costs and improving business process automation for over 16 years. A2iA recognition engines can be used to enhance the forms-processing, transaction-processing, content management, document management, and knowledge management systems from leading vendors. For more information:

SOURCE: A2iA Corporation